The holocaust was a systematic murder of about 6 million Jewish people. The Nazis were responsible for this tragedy. They had this very well planned out. Hitler, the leader of this group, blamed Germany's problems on the Jews. He then used propaganda to persuade people to believe this.
     First they made all Jews wear the Star of David. Then they moved all Jews out of their homes and into a ghetto. A ghetto was a place where the Jews lived under the watch of the Nazis. After the ghetto's, Jews were moved into concentration camps. Concentration camps were work camps for the Jews. They had hard labor and very little food. The strong were kept alive to work and the weak were sent to the gas chambers. The gas chamber was a place where they crowded Jews and put a toxic gas called Zyklon B. The dead bodies were then burned. When this was finally over, very little Jews survived.
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The Holocaust was a very difficult time.It is horrible to know that many innocent people were treated inhuman.Many of those people were children and the elderly.I think it must have been a nightmare for all of those people when they thought of their loved ones being murdered and burned.It's sad how Adolf Hitler convinced everyone that the Jews were to blame for all of their problems.


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