We all have five senses. The senses are sight, hearing, smell, touch, and taste. They are all important because we use them all of the time.  Can you imagine having to lose one? Which one would you give up?
     I would give up the sense of smell. It is less important to me. I don't think it is really needed. It is nice to smell things, but I could live without it. I am thankful that I have all five senses!

5/16/2013 06:57:41 am

I have seen a few people say that they would give up smell. When you think about it, smell and taste are the least used senses. You hear things around the clock, same with sight and touch. However you don't always need to smell or taste things. While they are both very important, they aren't as important as the other senses.

I, personally, decided that I would give up taste over smell. My example for why I would give up taste instead of smell:

You are about to eat a donut that you found in your pantry in a box. You think that it has only been there for a couple days, however it has actually been there for almost two weeks. It smells bad, and tastes just as horrid.

Now, if you didn't have taste but did have smell, you definitely wouldn't eat it. However, if you had taste but not smell, you would eat it and get a really bad taste in your mouth and probably get sick to your stomach.

See what I mean? Smell is sense that prevents things like that from happening. This is why I chose to give up taste instead of smell.


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